Saturday, April 17, 2010

3k or not 3k...

Today I was doing a fun run with the local running club (RBH). There was a 2k for kids, a 3k for Intermediate and a 7k for experienced. I signed up for the 3k and got warmed up.
At the start line, we (about 20 starters for all levels) were asked for a show of hands who was for which distance. I put my hand up for the 7k as I thought "what the hell"!
I was checking my time & distance with my Garmin (first time using it in a race - love it!) and when I passed the kids turn point at 1k I saw that it was reading 1.2k. Hmmm, interesting. Anyway I plodded on. I got to the turn point for the 3k (supposedly at 1.5k) but my trusty Garmin read 2.1k - oops! That immediately got me thinking, "Well if they are that much off for the 3k, how much off will the 7k be?". I opted to turn, and I'm glad I did. I was feeling tired with heavy legs after my run the previous night but still got back in 22:24, and my Garmin said that the "3k" was actually 4.1k. So not only was this a bit longer than I was planning, but it was also a PB for a 4k, my old PB was 26 mins (and change), so I smashed it by about 4 mins! Woohoo!!!
The guy who planned the distance and route apologised afterwards saying that he had plotted the distances wrong. Not to worry, it was a good run.
I'm booked on the SMC 5k first thing in the morning - seriously, I have to be up before 6am to get there on time! Hope I won't feel too tired. Lovin it though :-)

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