Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't forget to stop!

Well, tonight I was meant to be doing interval training, which involved 3 x 10mins run with 1min walk in between. I set off on a route that's about 5-6k and kinda lost track of the time...Before I realized it, I had gone over 12 mins so I just decided to keep going - I was actually enjoying this!
I ended up doing 5.5k in 31:00, which is also a PB for me :-)
I have a 3k cross country race tomorrow afternoon, so tonight's run has built up a lot of confidence. I may or may not be doing a race on Sunday too, I'll have to see how I feel - might just do a run in the park with the local club instead.
I'm finally getting some enjoyment from running!! Yipee!!!


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