Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sprint training done right (I think…)

Coach Pat said that last Wednesday I had sprint training, so I did my warm up, ran 10 x 30sec with 1 minute SR and then a warm down. “Pretty easy”, I thought.

When I emailed Coach Pat he must have laughed, his reply told me what I should be doing…

So this week, my sprint training went like this:

  1. 10 min light run/jog
  2. Light stretching
  3. 8 x 80m sprints, the first at 75% of full pace, getting steadily faster until the last was at 100% full pace.
  4. 6 x 1min sprint at 80% full pace, with 45sec walk before next sprint.
  5. 10 minute light run/jog to cool down
  6. Stretching

A little different to what I did last week, I think you’ll agree! I did it all, except for the last cool down run, where I only did 4 minutes, as my old hamstring injury from two months ago was starting to wake up again. All of the running today was in the rain, but as we’re moving into autumn I guess it’s to be expected. In one way, I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day!


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