Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sprint training...

Well today was tough. Wednesday is "sprint training day" to me at the moment. Today's was like this:
1. 10min light jog to warm up
2. Stretching
3. 8 x 80m sprints - start at 75% and last is at 100% pace
4. 6 x 1min sprint at 80% of pace followed by a 30 sec jog and back to sprint...
5. 10min jog to warm down

It was tough, a very warm day and I had a late night the night before, but I covered 5k doing all of that! Tomorrow is "officially" a rest day, but if I'm up for it I might do a light run, as I have two races coming up at the weekend. I may only get time to do one of them though. One is the SMC 5k and the other is the RBH 3k or 7k. If I'm doing the SMC I have the option of a 10k, which I would go for. Here's hoping I can make it! :-)

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