Thursday, May 27, 2010

3k Time Trials

Well, I was meant to do this training yesterday, but for two reasons I put it off to today:
  1. Right knee needs a rest, as per my physio...
  2. Weather was horrendous. Gale force winds and torrential rain for nearly all day.
So I took it easy yesterday and did some exercises and stretching to help my knee. I got all my kit ready for the morning, so I wouldn't be waking anyone in the house.
So this morning, I was up at 5:45 and had a couple of bananas and some water, gave that lot a few minutes to settle and went out for the training.
I started off with a 10min warm up run, which was uneventful, apart from seeing the street lights turn themselves off as the sun came up (which I didn't see as it was on the far side of some buildings).
Then (after a minute or two of rest), I did my 6 x 80m sprints by the beach. I mapped out the distance from a street light with a sign on it (telling people not to use skateboards I think), to another one further down that's at the apex of a bend in the promenade. Easy to remember that way. They went fine, getting faster with each sprint. Afterwards I had to walk up to the main street just over 1k away (to find some flat ground for my 3k TT)  and my knee started playing up again. I had taken the precaution of strapping it up anyway. But the pain subsided during the walk.
When I got to some flatter area I started running and probably put too much effort into the first km. I think I was trying to impress myself TBH. Before the half marathon, I had done 4 x 1km TTs and had a time of 6:00 to 6:10 for each. Which is a bit slow for me. After I did the half, I realised that my pace was almost the same as for my 1k TTs, weird! So Coach Pat said I would probably do the 3k TT in under 17mins.
I was a bit surprised, and very happy when I finished in 15:33 :-)
I have tomorrow as a rest day and will be doing a long run on Saturday, about 1:20mins.

Update you then. Have a good run!


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