Thursday, May 13, 2010

Countdown to half - Part 1

T minus 3 days and counting...
I haven't posted since Sunday, so I'll catch up: On Monday I was meant to run for 40mins...but when 40min came around I was still a bit far from home on the route I had chosen, so I did 44mins and covered 7.3k. I was listening to a couple of podcasts from Trail Runner and Ted B. These are both really good to listen to, and managed to keep me entertained! Also, a fellow runner from Sydney has just started a podcast here, check it out!
Tuesday, I did a 30min run, covering 5.2k. Wasn't very exciting, but seeing the sun come up over the sea was nice at the end of the run.
On Wednesday I did a 10min warmup run, followed by 12 reps of 30sec run at 80% pace, then a 30sec jog (JR), then back to run. After that I did 10mins warm down run. On the last part of my run I felt a bit tender in the soft tissue under my right knee. Hopefully it's just down to quads needing a bit more stretching time, as it was a cold morning. I put some anti-inflammatory gel on it anyway.
Thursday (today), is a rest day, good timing too! Knee is still a bit sore, but I'll do some more stretching later and put more gel on it too. I have a 40min run in the morning, and it'll have to be early, cause I have to go to the office tomorrow. I normally work from home.
I'm eating a lot of pasta, brown rice etc for carbs this week. Also a lot of chicken and eggs (separately!) for protein. I got a protein drink, powdered, earlier. It's meant to aid muscle recovery, so I'll try it after my run tomorrow, and after the half on Sunday. I'll post back how I get on. I'm fully stocked with energy gels from GU, BSC and Powerbar and also a pre-run bar too. I also got some gel "sweets" from Powerbar. I'll be stuffing my pocket and my fuel belt with bits to keep me going! I haven't decided on Gatorade or water for my water bottle, but I'll probably go with water, as I've heard bad things about mixing sports drinks and gels during a race.
Take care!

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