Friday, May 14, 2010

Countdown to half - Part 2

T minus 2 days and counting...
Ok, this morning I set my alarm for 06:00 so I could get my training run in before I had to go to work. It was chilly out and a bit windy too, so I opted for a long sleeve t-shirt, just as well! When I left the house I turned on the Garmin and did some stretching. Normally by the time I'm just around the corner of my road it has found satellites and is ready to go. Today I was walking for about 400m and it still hadn't finished, so I powered it off and back on. Now it had the usual time/distance etc on the display, so I started it and got running.
I'm watching the clock less these days, so I had done about 2k by the time I checked the Garmin again and it hadn't logged any time or distance...grrr. I hit reset and started it again and that seemed to work. I kept a close eye on it for the next 2k or so and it seemed to be ok, so I pretty much ignored it for the rest of the run. Of course it hadn't added the first part to the second part of the run, so that was a bit of a wipe out as far as recording it was concerned.
Well, two days before my first half marathon and for the rest of today and tomorrow I am officially resting! My knee is playing up a bit, and I'm undecided whether I should strap it up for the race or not, just to keep it going. I'll see how I feel on the day I guess.
I've pretty much given up coffee now, definitely given up paying $3-5 for a coffee, that's for sure! I'll have one instant coffee a day, maybe, but that's my limit. My body hasn't been crying out for it, so why bother? I'm in carb loading mode now, lots of pasta and brown rice. I'm also going to try protein drinks for post-race recovery...and possibly an ice bath for my legs...we'll see about that one :-)


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