Friday, May 7, 2010

Furthest ever!

Well yesterday was a rest day, which I needed. So today Coach Pat had asked/told me to do a 50min run. I've never done that before. The longest time I had run continuously was 40mins, and that was on Monday! I was nervous, but not sure why. It was almost like I was going in for a race.
So I got all my running gear ready and set the alarm for 06:00, so I could get the run in before work. It was chilly leaving the house, but I had on my DM t-shirt to give me a bit of confidence, so off I sped. I was doing the same route as I had done on my 40 and 30min runs during the week, only this time in reverse, so I wouldn't have an uphill near the end of the run. That was a good plan as it happened!
I was at 2.5k by the time I felt that the cold wasn't bothering me anymore, and soon enough I looked at my Garmin and it showed 20mins. Ah, I thought, only 10min left - no, actually there's 30min left! That was weird, and a bit surreal...
Anyway I got back to the end of the road where I live, but still had about 8mins left, so I kept going and stopped just after the 50min mark and walked back. By now my legs were starting to feel a bit stiff, and when I got home I gave them a quick dunk in a hot bath and then a hot shower, but they're still a bit stiff now, 6 hours later. The next two days are rest days, but I might do a light run on Sunday.
That was my longest continuous run ever, 50min for 8.7k. I'm well proud of myself, as of Feb this year I could only manage 2.5 - 3k before having to walk! :-)


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