Friday, May 28, 2010

New shoes...or retail therapy?

As I've been having knee issues over the last couple of months, and yes, reading "Born To Run", I decided that I needed to revisit my shoes and why I was running in them in particular.
I am currently running in New Balance runners (can't remember the exact model of them), that I got last August. I tried running then, but didn't get any further than about 2.5k before collapsing, so after a month or so I stopped. My excuse was that the summer weather was too hot to train in. I know now that it was just that, an excuse. Anyway I restarted in March this year and then signed up with a running coach. I've been improving in leaps and bounds since then.
So I was checking out Athlete's Foot during lunch today for a more minimalist runner and ended up chatting to the assistant, Lisa, about my thoughts. She checked my feet and announced that I am a pronator, which is not necessarily bad, but my right foot pronates more than my left, so I decided to buy runners and inserts to correct that. I tried a few runner types and ended up buying a pair of Mizuno Wave Nexus 4s (pic below)...

So, I'm hoping that once I work myself into these gradually, I will be able to correct my knee issues and increase my performance...we'll see!


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