Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post HM training run

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first post-HM training run. I had been having some tightness in my calves, hamstrings and gluts, but these had all subsided with stretching over Monday and Tuesday. I still had some stiffness in my quads, so my legs felt a bit heavy. It had been raining pretty heavy in the morning, well, for the last couple of days really. so I bought a Nike Dri-Fit running jacket/windbreaker to help keep me warm & dry. So along with my normal training gear (runners, socks, shorts, Garmin, HR monitor), I also had the Dri-Fit and baseball cap. Of course, five minutes into the run, the clouds cleared and a bright blue sky pushed it's way across the sky to heat us up and dry up the rain.
I checked the Garmin about 1k into the run and it was giving me a low battery warning. I figured that as it's meant to last for hours, it should be fine for 40mins. eh, wrong! 2k into the run it died. Later in the run I powered it on again but it died immediately, so yes, it was a dead battery.
By the time I was 3k in, I had the jacket zip half open to cool down. Another 1k in, the zip was fully open, and by the 5k or so mark I had to walk, as I was way too hot to run. I walked for about 1min then ran again until I had reached the landmark where I usually have 40mins done. Walked from there!
I charged the Garmin when I got home and it took two hours, longest ever, a pretty good sign that it was a dead battery alright.
My legs were still pretty tight, so the not too tough run was ok. I had done a training swim on Tuesday evening too, so I think that helped loosen the legs a bit. Thursday is a rest day, and then a long run on Friday. Tell you about it then!

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