Monday, May 10, 2010

So much for a rest day...

So I am seven days away from my first half marathon and Coach Pat has told me to take the weekend off - rest days. So by Sunday afternoon it was too much for me and I went for a "relaxed" run.
I ended up doing 45mins and just over 7.5k at a decent pace too. I did enjoy it though. Normally on a training run, I am looking at the Garmin every 5-8 mins or so to see how much more I have to do on that day. This run, I only really checked it about three times and found that I was a lot more relaxed and my breathing and general form felt a lot better.

According to my training schedule, I'm running the next three days, then rest on Thursday, running Friday, rest Saturday and ready for the half on Sunday morning - early.


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