Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time trials - 1k

Well yesterday I had some 1k time trials to do. So I did my 10 minute warm up run and then mapped out a 500m route. I started off and turned and ran back and hit the timer on my Garmin. Then it was a 1 minute walking rest, followed by three more of the same runs. Each run was between 6:10 and 6:00, with the fastest being the last, but not planned that way. Coach Pat tells me that its a good thing that all of the runs were close in timing.
Then it was a 13 minute or so run home, with a bit of a walk at the end to warm down. Feeling good, but my legs are tired from four days running in a row, seeing as I did little last week, and nothing the week before!
I have a 40 minute run before work tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to, but it's getting chilly these days with autumn creeping in.

Here's a race t-shirt for the SMH half marathon that I'm going in for, starting in about 8 days. Not sure why they sent them out early, they must have a lot of confidence that I'm going to finish! :-)


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