Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling like a runner again :-)

So, Mr Physio has allowed me to only run on grass and no hills. Well on Saturday the local rugby pitch, where I had been running, was busy. So I had to make do with running up & down the seafront at Coogee. By running along the paved area by the beach and back along the path by the road I got a lap of just over 1km. So I did that 7 times. The best ting was, I had no pain at all during or after the run, even the next day!
I really enjoyed the run, not looking at the Garmin at all and not concerned with my pace.
I do feel that my general running pace has slowed by about 20 seconds per km, but that will improve. I'm thinking of doing the same run again tonight, but maybe one or two more laps.
The City2Surf is only 6 weeks away now, so I really need to get my distances and hills back into my training. Actually, I need to be doing training runs - end of story!
I got my bib and timing chip in the post a couple of days ago (pic below). It's the biggest timed race in the world, with over 75,000 participants. This year is the 40th anniversary too!

Take it easy,


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