Friday, June 11, 2010

Injury update and cross stuff

Ok, I walked to the shops and back on Wednesday during lunch (less than 1k) and my knee hurt afterwards - not a good sign. But maybe because I wasn't using it? Not sure.
On Thursday (yesterday), I was itching to get some training in, so I walked the 2.5k or so to my local RSL club and did 20mins on the exercise bike (they are pre-programmed not to go over 20 mins!) and then I did 3 sets of 12 lat pull downs, followed by 10 chinups.
I'm back to Week 6 Day 2 Level 1 of the Hundred Pushups challenge tonight too. I was on Level 3 for Week 5, but with my knee injury things got a bit sidetracked. I reckon I'll have to go back and repeat Week 5, but it wouldn't be altogether a bad thing either.
I'm meant to be doing a 10k in just over a week and I know now that it would be very silly of me to attempt it what with lack of preparation etc. My next race after that is the City2Surf, in less than 9 weeks. I won't be able to give it as good a go as I had hoped, but I'll be there and I'll finish it. There's always next year!
After that the Sydney Running Festival half marathon is in September, so I'm holding out for that and hoping to get a sub-2hour time!
Also, I've been getting very interested in bicycles over the last week or so. I can see myself getting one in August (after house move)...

Have fun!


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