Thursday, June 3, 2010

Knee recovery and more plans

Well I did a swim on Tuesday night, mostly working on technique, so a lot of stopping and chatting. Then a short run on Wednesday during lunch. I was using my new runners and inserts.
I was told at Athlete's Foot that I am a pronator, and more so on my right foot. But when I used the inserts I found that my feet are falling more flat, but also in the same area that they always did, then the insert makes my foot roll out, which is quite off putting. Also, towards the end of my short (sub-4k) run I found that the front part of my feet (from the ball forwards) were getting quite warm, and even sweating. Even when I do 8-12k runs I don't have this issue. I reckon it's the runner inserts, so I'm going to try the new runners again tomorrow without the inserts to see how I get on.
Wednesday afternoon I paid another visit to Mr Physio, who strapped up my right knee with three layers of medical tape. That's going to be fun getting off! I'm told I can leave it on for a light run, so we'll see how I get on tomorrow, should get a few interesting looks from the locals...
P.S. I was re-reading this and realized I hadn't put any plans in, after mentioning it in the title...DOH!
So, my BHAG is a marathon, and I was looking around for one next year that would be after summer, so it's not too hot. Then I thought...why wait? So I started looking for marathons that started before the summer. There's the Auckland marathon at the end of October, but it's already closed for entries, so too late there. So, now I'm looking at the Fitzroy Falls marathon in mid-October...why not I ask myself....


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