Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slight progress but no starting gun

So, just back from Mr Pain...eh, I mean Mr Physio. He has said that I have made progress with my knee, but I have to keep the increments small, so as not to set myself back.
I've been running on grass the last week (10 circuits of a rugby pitch every second day), so I can keep doing that but upping the distance and staying on the grass for a week. The following week, I can do 50% on grass and 50% on road, but still nothing more that about 5k.
I am really going to do what he says, as otherwise I'll end up missing the City2Surf and possibly the half marathon too.
I'm back swimming tonight and I've been cross training most evenings too. Having said that, I still have the appetite I had when I was running 4-6 times a week, so I have put a couple of Ks on, but nothing I won't lose in a week or two.
Next physio appointment in two weeks. I am eager to have made some big improvements, but also eager not to be re-injured!
I've been looking back at when I get my knee playing up, and it's mainly at the weekend, even now that I'm not running. So this week I am going to keep a good record of all activities and see what the issue might be...

Anyway, here's a great motivational video I saw posted on Twitter during the week...So, what's your excuse?

Take it easy!


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