Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slosh, slosh, sloshing around...

Since Tuesday Mr Physio has allowed me to start increasing my running distance, but to keep it only on grass. Today it was heaving with rain in the morning, then it stopped for an hour and then it started raining again, although not as bad as the morning.
So the main place I can find that is grass and flat (not allowed hills either yet) is the local rugby pitch. So after work I got my running gear on and drove down to the pitch in the rain and parked up. As I only really started running in March his year, I've never been running in this much rain or wet ground before, so it was a bit of a novelty.
One side of the pitch it was a lot more water logged than the rest, and I quickly had two wet runners and socks. I had to keep my head slightly down, so the baseball cap would deflect the rain and it wouldn't get in my eyes.
I was previously doing 10 circuits of the pitch, and today I had already decided to do 15. By #6 I was in my rhythm and feeling good. By #12 the rain had stopped, which was good. Also, I felt like I could do a couple more than 15.
By the time I got to #14 I was starting to get hotspots on a couple of toes, so I decided to just do the 15 and not get blisters!
I finished up the run quite happy with how it went and how I felt and walked along the sea front for a few minutes slugging back a protein drink before driving home.
Since I injured my knee, I've been taking protein drinks after any workout, in the hope that this will help my recovery. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. I like it anyway.
When I got home, I took off my runners before going in the front door, but even then, in my stocking feet I was still sloshing around, HA HA! It was that wet!
I was planning on doing some pushups and squats later but decided to see how my legs get on.
I'm going for a light swim later today, so I'll do the pushups and squats after that.

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