Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solidifying goals

I'm a funny bloke, sometimes "funny ha ha", sometimes "funny strange"! But I tend to be goal orientated, so I set myself a goal and work towards it. But I find that if I just have one goal for a particular thing in my life, then it's not enough. I have to set a few goals, that are stepping stones to where I want to be.
In that vein, before I did my first 10k race, I had already set myself goals of doing the following:
  1. 10k race
  2. Half marathon
  3. Full marathon
  4. 50k road race
Seeing as I only really started running in March this year and I aim to complete all these by the end of 2011, then it's a pretty big list of goals!
Somehow, I managed to skip the 10k race and went straight on to the half marathon (details in one of my older posts) in Sydney in April. I also have another half coming up in Sydney in September, which I'm really looking forward to, and hopefully I'll crack the 2:00 hours for it.
I'm currently looking around for a marathon to do, preferably by the end of this year, but not anywhere too hot. Possibly at the end of October, but not sure yet. I'll have to see how my training goes.
After that, I plan to do a couple more full marathons as part of my training for my first 50k road race. Most 50k races tend to be on trails, but these are slower and therefore take longer, so I'm going to try a road race first and see how I get on.
I know the Canberra marathon gives you the option of doing the marathon course and then running another 8k or so for the full 50k, but it was canceled this year, so I'm told. So if it's on next year (around April), then I'll aim for that.
BTW: I decided to post this info to clarify my personal goals for myself mainly. If someone else finds a benefit from them, then that's great too!


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