Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Since my last update, I have been cross training every second day. Either swimming, or on an exercise bike followed by some weights.
So yesterday I was back at Mr Physio again. I was a bit anxious, as I feared he might tell me not to run for another week. But as he prodded and poked my knee I was in a lot less pain than the previous week. So that was an improvement. He didn't do as much manipulation of the knee as he has done. He spent more time getting me to balance and do squats and general knee/quad/glut exercises to help me strengthen up my legs.
At the end of the session, he told me I could go back to running, but only on grass and only for 2-3k or so and only every second day. I did ask if I could run barefoot on grass, but he said I needed as much support as I can get.

So I went back to work and when I finished I drove to the local rugby pitch and ran around it on the grass 10 times. I didn't have any time or distance in mind, but by the time I had gone around 6 times I decided 10 would be fine. I did stretching before and after and then walked along the seafront in the dark (winter here now). Great night to be out!
During my time away from running, I've been reading up on how to correct my form, so I was able to think just about how my feet were falling and the bio-mechanics of it all and not be looking around for pedestrians/cars/dogs etc.
So today I have some slight aches, but no pain. Probably just due to the muscles/tendons not being used as much in the last couple of weeks.
Looking forward to another run tomorrow night.
The City2Surf is less than 8weeks away now and I won't be able to push myself like I would have. But as I said to a friend yesterday, "I won't be doing it to get a good time, just doing it to have a good time. A PB will happen next year."


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  1. Hope the knee continues to recover. I'm sidelined now as well with an injury, and going a bit stir-crazy wanting to go run.