Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...

For some reason that Willie Nelson song jumps into my head today in relation to my running/training. It was six days ago that I did my last run. It was a little over 5k and it took me about 29mins, with an avg pace of 5:29. It was pretty relaxed, and I still had a head cold.
Unfortunately the run only made it worse. Rather than blowing off the cobwebs, it was more like they were closing tighter. However, after the following few days of RnR I managed to go for my weekly cross training.
I usually go on Mondays, but last Monday was particularly busy, so I just couldn't get the time. Tuesday had freed up a good bit more, so I did a one hour session on the local gym:

30 x situps
30 x pressups
Bike for 20mins (8k)
30 x situps
30 x pressups
2 x 8 tricep extn with 10kg
15 chinups (PB)
2 x 10 leg curls with 33kg
3 x 10 bicep extn with 26kg
2 x 8 barbell row with 30kg
2 x 10 bicep curls with 12.5kg
3 x 10 squats with 20kg barbell
2 x 10 leg press with 33kg*
10 mins solid on punchbag - accuracy, combos, palm shots and elbows (last 60sec was torture!)
2 x 8 bicep extn to finish up...

*I hadn't used this particular leg press before and after my first set I couldn't find the lock to hold the weights and had to ask for help. Literally stuck in the gym machine. Quite funny though!
So I had the best intentions of running on Wednesday...but didn't. It was raining quite heavy all day and I didn't want my head cold flaring up again. Also, I'm in the process of moving house, so time wasn't on my side.
Today though (Thursday), I was going to go for a morning run, but ended up packing away my dive gear into crates before work. Then, just before lunch, @Kirsten said she was going for a run. We have never met, and don't even live that close, but we both went out for 5k runs at the same time.
I was itching to get running and put my gear on in record time. I was going to bring my Nathan hand held, but felt it would slow me down by the weight of it (not much weight, but I was full of energy and wanted a quick run). So I went outside and did my warmup and started running, pretty quick pace too. Before I had run the 1st 1k I had decided to go for a PB. Not sure why, and after a couple of glasses of wine the night before it probably wasn't the best planned fast run. But I went for it anyway. Most of the 3k stretch was uphill, and I almost got hit by a small child running out in front of me, and then by a car not looking for pedestrians. After that, the last 1.2k or so was mostly downhill and I was running out of steam. I started to get a stitch in my side and kept forcing myself to keep the pace up. When I got to the beach I hit the stop button at the 5k mark and checked my time - 23:24. Avg pace was 4:29, I knew it was good, but couldn't remember what my PB was.
The walk home took 15mins, a nice cool down. The whole way I thought I had missed my PB and kept saying, "should have drank more water, should have...should have...". When I got home, I quickly checked my PB, and it was 24:23, so I had broken it by 59 seconds! Great amounts of relief and now I am wondering what I could run if on a flat road and hadn't been on the wine the night before! :-)

Keep on running!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 3 downward spiral...

And the plan was going sooo well.
Being the middle of winter here in Sydney and cold, wet and windy these days. I had avoided the 'flu and colds and thought I had managed it pretty well, despite running in the rain a few times. Then on Monday I started the sniffles and by Tuesday I had a head cold. Not to be confused with the near-fatal "man 'flu", just a head cold. But enough to tell myself to stop, or I would get worse. I don't mind taking a day or two off now, if it prevents me having to take a week or more off later.
So now we are on Friday, and I'm sick of being stuck indoors. That's it..,.I'm going for a run!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week two and three update

Well I haven't posted in a week, so I'll try and catch up now.
Last Thursday my coach said I should do intervals, so I ended up doing 10 x 30sec at 80% with a 30sec JR. I did a relaxed warm up before and a cool down after. I had no pace/distance/time goals really. Friday was a rest day, which eh...went according to plan!

On Saturday I needed to do a 10k run, so I headed out and after a few Ks I was really feeling good and enjoying the run, so I kept going. I ended up doing some hills that I did in my first ever fun run, kinda steep, but I was taking my time. I did a total of 13k in 1hr and 16mins. That is my longest training run to date and my second longest run ever. Happy, happy, happy! On Sunday I had to do an 8k relaxed run, so I decided to run in Centennial Park. The circuit is just under 4k, so I did a little over 2 circuits in the magnificent parklands. That brought my training total up to 50k for the week - most ever!
Then on Monday I was on the start of Week 3, so it was back to cross training again, here's how it went:
30 x situps
30 x pressups
Bike for 30mins
30 x situps
30 x pressups
2 x 10 lateral raises with 10kg each arm
2 x 10 tricep extn with 10kg each arm
3 x 10 leg extn with 25kg
2 x 10 leg curl with 33kg
5mins on punchbag working on accuracy, combos, palm shots and elbows,
2 x 10 barbell rows (don't think that's right name) 20kg
14 chinups (PB)
3 x 10 lat pull downs front 40kg
3 x 10 lat pull downs rear 40kg
3 x 10 bicep extn with 24kg.
On Tuesday, coach said I should do a 10k relaxed run, but I had a head cold and it was raining heavily (the thunder was shaking the ground), so I skipped it. Better to miss one now than two or three later. Hopefully I'll be ok to do my run today (Wednesday), which should be 8k. I haven't got a set time for it, but if I can beat 46mins or so then I'll be happy. I have more interval/Fartlek type training on Thursday and a couple of runs at the weekend. Update you then!

Take care,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Running totals for the first six months

Now that we are in the second half of the year I was looking back at my running totals per month so far. As I only started running in February, it won't be surprising that my totals are pretty low, and I got injured twice. The injuries were to my left hamstring (no running) and the soft tissue under my right knee (I could do light running).
February: 18k
March: 38k
April: 60k (low due to hamstring injury)
May: 128k (incl. SMH half marathon)
June: 45k (low due to knee injury)
That's a total of 289k for five months. If I hadn't been injured, I reckon it would have been closer to 400k total. For July (about half way through) I'm already up to 52k, and I haven't done my long runs for the week yet. I have some good races coming up in the next few months, including a half and a full marathon, so the training is going to ramp up in the distances. Not sure what total I'll be at for the end of the year, but if I had to put down a target I'd say at least over 350k, but probably closer to 500k.

Time will tell :-)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 2 update...

So I am now part way through week 2 of my training program. It is going really well, with good results so far. Here's what I did on Monday's cross training for 1 hour:

30 situps
30 pressups
8km on bike
30 situps
30 pressups
13 chin ups (most ever)
3 x 10 leg ext. with 33kg
3 x 10 tricep pull downs with 16kg
2 x 10 tricep ext. with 10kg each arm
2 x bicep curl with 15kg each arm
10mins solid on punchbag doing accuracy drills, combos and palm shots
2 x 10 tricep pull downs with 16kg
3 x 10 lat pull downs front (33kg) and
2 x 10 lat pull downs rear (33kg)

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I did an 8k run but taking it easy. It was cold and raining. The first 2k were tough, as my legs felt heavy (most likely due to the workout from the previous evening). But they loosened up after that. By the 5k point I was feeling good and was in the rhythm of it all. I completed the 8k in just under 46mins, for a pace of roughly 5:44/km.
Tonight I have a 7k run planned and then tomorrow I'll be doing a 5k run. Friday is my weekly rest day, and then two longer runs at the weekend. Before you ask, having two long runs back to back at the weekends is all part of the cunning master plan :-)
By the end of the week I'll have about 10k up on last week's totals. It seems like a lot, but it's comprised of 5 shorter runs, so only an average of an extra 2k per day.
More to follow before the weekend....


Monday, July 12, 2010

End of Week 1

So, where I left off was Friday being a rest day. As it happens a friend was having 40th birthday drinks that night, so I joined in. I was due to do an 8k run on Saturday but I was still feeling the affects of the 6-7 beers from the night before. I decided to grit my teeth and do the run pre-9am, as I probably would have had less energy later in the day. It worked out well, also I did 2 x 40 and 1 x 20 push-ups. Then, a good hard 5k run on Sunday afternoon:
Saturday: 8.1k run in just under 45mins avg pace: 5:31min/km
Sunday: 5k run in 24:23 and avg pace of 4:52 min/km!

Yes, Sunday's 5k was tough, but it's also a new PB for me, taking 2:10 off my previous PB! Also, it's my first recorded sub-5min avg pace for a run. Well happy!
So tonight is the start of week 2 and it's one hour of cross training. I've been recommended to try a "butt, thigh and abs" workout, but as my local gym is always busy on Mondays and has very little available floor space, I think I'll add it in to Thursday's workout after the run.

Here's hoping Week 2 goes as well and injury free as Week 1 :-)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 1 update

As you know I have begun the first week of my new training program. Here's how it's going so far:
Monday - Cross training (details in previous post)
Tuesday - 5k run in 28 mins avg pace: 5:36min/km
Wednesday - 5k run in 28:38 avg pace: 5:44min/km
Thursday - 5k run in 26:33 avg pace: 5:19min/km (new 5k PB)
Friday - Rest

Monday's run went fine, didn't push myself too hard. Tuesday my legs felt a little heavy so that's probably why my pace was slower (even though the route that day was flatter). Wednesday was cold, windy and raining. I was on the same route as Tuesday but started out faster to just try and warm up. By the 3k mark my legs just got in the rhythm and did the job. It shows in the time, a new PB for 5k!
Rest day today and a few beers tonight with some mates I haven't seen in a month or two. Not that many beers though! Running again on Saturday and Sunday, so I'll update after them.

Have a good run,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New beginning

Ok, so yesterday (Monday) was the first day of my new training program. Day 1 was cross training and I had to do one hour, here's how it went:

30 situps
30 pushups
21mins on bike (8.5k)
30 situps
30 pushups
12 chinups (a PB)
3 x 10 leg extensions with 33 lbs
3 x 10 bicep curls with 12.5 kg
2 x 10 tricep whatever they are called - dropping behind your head with 10kg
3 x 10 lat pull downs front (with 40 lbs) and
2 x 10 lat pull downs behind (with 40lbs)
10 mins on punchbag full on (combos, elbows and palm fists)
10mins on eliptical machine to cool down and make it up to a total of 60 mins.
Had trouble lifting a glass of water after without my hand shaking!
I really enjoy that workout, although I'm not a gym junkie. Today I can feel some DOMS, but nothing major. Hopefully my running will go as well. This week is going to be light running, short distances, just to get me back into regular running.
Will update towards the end of the week.

Have fun!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New week, new plan

Right so, over the weekend I was in a fair bit of pain from my knee, which has been giving me trouble on and off for almost six weeks now, and holding me back. I was getting pretty stressed out about it and actually lost sleep over it on Friday night. It just didn't seem to be improving. So on Saturday, I went to a local bookshop and found/bought a book on ChiRunning, and I read some of it while letting a coffee go cold. I also did a YouTube and Google search and came up with a local ChiRunning Instructor and some great (short) videos on the basics.
On Sunday night I was back to my usual fighting self, and determined not to let the knee pain stop my running. One of the things that my former running coach had told me was to ensure I was stretching a lot, even on my rest days. That clicked with me. I was usually only getting knee pain on the weekends, when I don't get a chance to run therefore don't stretch! I spent the next 45mins going over leg stretches and in no time my knee pain was gone! Just GONE! Even today (Monday) I am in no pain. Why didn't my physio think of that? I don't know, but I won't let it bother me either.
So, new week, new plan. Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to develop a new running schedule for myself. It's a marathon/50k training hybrid. I don't have particular races in mind yet, but I figure it's best to get stuck in anyway. I had seen a few different training plans on the net, but they were too generic and I wasn't going to pay for someone to email me a spreadsheet (like I did with my last coach - who is excellent BTW, the online coach just doesn't suit me anymore).
So essentially I'll be running 4-5 days a week with no running on Monday or Friday. Long runs on the weekend and cross training on Monday for a minimum of 1 hour (and increasing). If I feel ok during the week, I'll put in extra cross training sessions, but keeping them light.The plan also loosely sticks to the hard week, light week, medium week ethos too.
I have put in the City2Surf and Sydney half marathon in the plan, so they are integrated and will become my long run for the week. So tonight is the first night of training - 1 hour of cross training in local gym.
I'll keep you all posted! :-)