Monday, July 12, 2010

End of Week 1

So, where I left off was Friday being a rest day. As it happens a friend was having 40th birthday drinks that night, so I joined in. I was due to do an 8k run on Saturday but I was still feeling the affects of the 6-7 beers from the night before. I decided to grit my teeth and do the run pre-9am, as I probably would have had less energy later in the day. It worked out well, also I did 2 x 40 and 1 x 20 push-ups. Then, a good hard 5k run on Sunday afternoon:
Saturday: 8.1k run in just under 45mins avg pace: 5:31min/km
Sunday: 5k run in 24:23 and avg pace of 4:52 min/km!

Yes, Sunday's 5k was tough, but it's also a new PB for me, taking 2:10 off my previous PB! Also, it's my first recorded sub-5min avg pace for a run. Well happy!
So tonight is the start of week 2 and it's one hour of cross training. I've been recommended to try a "butt, thigh and abs" workout, but as my local gym is always busy on Mondays and has very little available floor space, I think I'll add it in to Thursday's workout after the run.

Here's hoping Week 2 goes as well and injury free as Week 1 :-)


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