Monday, July 5, 2010

New week, new plan

Right so, over the weekend I was in a fair bit of pain from my knee, which has been giving me trouble on and off for almost six weeks now, and holding me back. I was getting pretty stressed out about it and actually lost sleep over it on Friday night. It just didn't seem to be improving. So on Saturday, I went to a local bookshop and found/bought a book on ChiRunning, and I read some of it while letting a coffee go cold. I also did a YouTube and Google search and came up with a local ChiRunning Instructor and some great (short) videos on the basics.
On Sunday night I was back to my usual fighting self, and determined not to let the knee pain stop my running. One of the things that my former running coach had told me was to ensure I was stretching a lot, even on my rest days. That clicked with me. I was usually only getting knee pain on the weekends, when I don't get a chance to run therefore don't stretch! I spent the next 45mins going over leg stretches and in no time my knee pain was gone! Just GONE! Even today (Monday) I am in no pain. Why didn't my physio think of that? I don't know, but I won't let it bother me either.
So, new week, new plan. Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to develop a new running schedule for myself. It's a marathon/50k training hybrid. I don't have particular races in mind yet, but I figure it's best to get stuck in anyway. I had seen a few different training plans on the net, but they were too generic and I wasn't going to pay for someone to email me a spreadsheet (like I did with my last coach - who is excellent BTW, the online coach just doesn't suit me anymore).
So essentially I'll be running 4-5 days a week with no running on Monday or Friday. Long runs on the weekend and cross training on Monday for a minimum of 1 hour (and increasing). If I feel ok during the week, I'll put in extra cross training sessions, but keeping them light.The plan also loosely sticks to the hard week, light week, medium week ethos too.
I have put in the City2Surf and Sydney half marathon in the plan, so they are integrated and will become my long run for the week. So tonight is the first night of training - 1 hour of cross training in local gym.
I'll keep you all posted! :-)


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