Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...

For some reason that Willie Nelson song jumps into my head today in relation to my running/training. It was six days ago that I did my last run. It was a little over 5k and it took me about 29mins, with an avg pace of 5:29. It was pretty relaxed, and I still had a head cold.
Unfortunately the run only made it worse. Rather than blowing off the cobwebs, it was more like they were closing tighter. However, after the following few days of RnR I managed to go for my weekly cross training.
I usually go on Mondays, but last Monday was particularly busy, so I just couldn't get the time. Tuesday had freed up a good bit more, so I did a one hour session on the local gym:

30 x situps
30 x pressups
Bike for 20mins (8k)
30 x situps
30 x pressups
2 x 8 tricep extn with 10kg
15 chinups (PB)
2 x 10 leg curls with 33kg
3 x 10 bicep extn with 26kg
2 x 8 barbell row with 30kg
2 x 10 bicep curls with 12.5kg
3 x 10 squats with 20kg barbell
2 x 10 leg press with 33kg*
10 mins solid on punchbag - accuracy, combos, palm shots and elbows (last 60sec was torture!)
2 x 8 bicep extn to finish up...

*I hadn't used this particular leg press before and after my first set I couldn't find the lock to hold the weights and had to ask for help. Literally stuck in the gym machine. Quite funny though!
So I had the best intentions of running on Wednesday...but didn't. It was raining quite heavy all day and I didn't want my head cold flaring up again. Also, I'm in the process of moving house, so time wasn't on my side.
Today though (Thursday), I was going to go for a morning run, but ended up packing away my dive gear into crates before work. Then, just before lunch, @Kirsten said she was going for a run. We have never met, and don't even live that close, but we both went out for 5k runs at the same time.
I was itching to get running and put my gear on in record time. I was going to bring my Nathan hand held, but felt it would slow me down by the weight of it (not much weight, but I was full of energy and wanted a quick run). So I went outside and did my warmup and started running, pretty quick pace too. Before I had run the 1st 1k I had decided to go for a PB. Not sure why, and after a couple of glasses of wine the night before it probably wasn't the best planned fast run. But I went for it anyway. Most of the 3k stretch was uphill, and I almost got hit by a small child running out in front of me, and then by a car not looking for pedestrians. After that, the last 1.2k or so was mostly downhill and I was running out of steam. I started to get a stitch in my side and kept forcing myself to keep the pace up. When I got to the beach I hit the stop button at the 5k mark and checked my time - 23:24. Avg pace was 4:29, I knew it was good, but couldn't remember what my PB was.
The walk home took 15mins, a nice cool down. The whole way I thought I had missed my PB and kept saying, "should have drank more water, should have...should have...". When I got home, I quickly checked my PB, and it was 24:23, so I had broken it by 59 seconds! Great amounts of relief and now I am wondering what I could run if on a flat road and hadn't been on the wine the night before! :-)

Keep on running!


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