Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 2 update...

So I am now part way through week 2 of my training program. It is going really well, with good results so far. Here's what I did on Monday's cross training for 1 hour:

30 situps
30 pressups
8km on bike
30 situps
30 pressups
13 chin ups (most ever)
3 x 10 leg ext. with 33kg
3 x 10 tricep pull downs with 16kg
2 x 10 tricep ext. with 10kg each arm
2 x bicep curl with 15kg each arm
10mins solid on punchbag doing accuracy drills, combos and palm shots
2 x 10 tricep pull downs with 16kg
3 x 10 lat pull downs front (33kg) and
2 x 10 lat pull downs rear (33kg)

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I did an 8k run but taking it easy. It was cold and raining. The first 2k were tough, as my legs felt heavy (most likely due to the workout from the previous evening). But they loosened up after that. By the 5k point I was feeling good and was in the rhythm of it all. I completed the 8k in just under 46mins, for a pace of roughly 5:44/km.
Tonight I have a 7k run planned and then tomorrow I'll be doing a 5k run. Friday is my weekly rest day, and then two longer runs at the weekend. Before you ask, having two long runs back to back at the weekends is all part of the cunning master plan :-)
By the end of the week I'll have about 10k up on last week's totals. It seems like a lot, but it's comprised of 5 shorter runs, so only an average of an extra 2k per day.
More to follow before the weekend....


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  1. Y0u are doing absolutely awesome with your running Eoin.