Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 3 downward spiral...

And the plan was going sooo well.
Being the middle of winter here in Sydney and cold, wet and windy these days. I had avoided the 'flu and colds and thought I had managed it pretty well, despite running in the rain a few times. Then on Monday I started the sniffles and by Tuesday I had a head cold. Not to be confused with the near-fatal "man 'flu", just a head cold. But enough to tell myself to stop, or I would get worse. I don't mind taking a day or two off now, if it prevents me having to take a week or more off later.
So now we are on Friday, and I'm sick of being stuck indoors. That's it..,.I'm going for a run!



  1. Go get em Eoin. Maybe you need a good little run to clear out the old pipes. Take care and get a good dose of vitamins into you.

  2. Thanks Barbie, all better now :-)