Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week two and three update

Well I haven't posted in a week, so I'll try and catch up now.
Last Thursday my coach said I should do intervals, so I ended up doing 10 x 30sec at 80% with a 30sec JR. I did a relaxed warm up before and a cool down after. I had no pace/distance/time goals really. Friday was a rest day, which eh...went according to plan!

On Saturday I needed to do a 10k run, so I headed out and after a few Ks I was really feeling good and enjoying the run, so I kept going. I ended up doing some hills that I did in my first ever fun run, kinda steep, but I was taking my time. I did a total of 13k in 1hr and 16mins. That is my longest training run to date and my second longest run ever. Happy, happy, happy! On Sunday I had to do an 8k relaxed run, so I decided to run in Centennial Park. The circuit is just under 4k, so I did a little over 2 circuits in the magnificent parklands. That brought my training total up to 50k for the week - most ever!
Then on Monday I was on the start of Week 3, so it was back to cross training again, here's how it went:
30 x situps
30 x pressups
Bike for 30mins
30 x situps
30 x pressups
2 x 10 lateral raises with 10kg each arm
2 x 10 tricep extn with 10kg each arm
3 x 10 leg extn with 25kg
2 x 10 leg curl with 33kg
5mins on punchbag working on accuracy, combos, palm shots and elbows,
2 x 10 barbell rows (don't think that's right name) 20kg
14 chinups (PB)
3 x 10 lat pull downs front 40kg
3 x 10 lat pull downs rear 40kg
3 x 10 bicep extn with 24kg.
On Tuesday, coach said I should do a 10k relaxed run, but I had a head cold and it was raining heavily (the thunder was shaking the ground), so I skipped it. Better to miss one now than two or three later. Hopefully I'll be ok to do my run today (Wednesday), which should be 8k. I haven't got a set time for it, but if I can beat 46mins or so then I'll be happy. I have more interval/Fartlek type training on Thursday and a couple of runs at the weekend. Update you then!

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