Sunday, August 1, 2010

A hard weekend's training

When I decided to take on this new training program for my running, I knew it would be using "medium/hard/light" intensity weeks. I am ok with that, so I thought, yea, I can handle a little pressure. So yesterday coach said to run a minimum of 6k, but a little more if I felt like it. Now I didn't realize just how well coach knows my mentality, but he knew damn well what I would do!
So I set out with my hydration pack and a couple of gels and ran for 12k, then started a walking recovery. After less than a minute I got bored and started to run again, giving me a total of 14k...just a little over 6k I think you'll agree!
Then, last night it was my cousin's birthday party (she's also a runner). So I went along and had a few beers. I was careful to drink plenty of water before I went to bed, and to hydrate myself all Sunday too.
So when I was talking to coach today about what run he wanted me to do the conversation went like this...

Coach: Before you tell me how far you ran yesterday, know that you have to equal it today.
Me: Well you said to do over I did 14k...
Coach: You're going to have a fight on your hands. Remember to run when you can, walk when you have to.
Me: Right let's see what happens!
Coach: Today's lesson is about running on depleted resources, which you will be doing after yesterday's run!

...So I filled my hydration pack, took 3 gels and set off. I had always wanted to run to La Perouse, so this was a good chance.
I'm getting used to removing the hydration pack, getting a gel and put the pack back on while still running. But on the first time I must have hit the stop button on the Garmin, so it missed about 4k before I realized and started it again.
Just when I got to La Peruse I saw a water fountain and filled my hydration pack. That was a huge relief, as I would have plenty of water for the return journey!
When I set out it was sunny and warm, but when the sun went down it quickly got dark and chilly. The last 30% I was really pushing myself and had to walk some hills that i would normally have run easily. I was really glad to get back to Randwick (even though it had started raining) and lay on the bed for a few minutes before having my protein drink and more water. It was only when I went onto dailymile and mapped my route that I realized that I had run a total of 19k! That's my longest training run to date and also my toughest!
So, over this weekend I've ran 33k, for the week my total is 46k and for the month of July the total is 98k.
Time to start tapering for the City2Surf next Sunday, although I'm treating it as a training run. I doubt I'll be able to get a good pace with about 75,000 other runners there too.

Take it easy!


  1. Whoa Eoin. That is absolutely fantastic. This C2S is going to be so very easy.

  2. Cheers Barbie, here's hoping :-)