Saturday, August 14, 2010

How I hydrate while running

Ok, so I've been asked what I use for hydration on different distances. Fair question, so here we go, with pictures!
On short runs (warm days) about 5-10k, I'll use my hand held Nathan waterbottle below:
I love it, as it has a zipped pocket for gels and keys etc. For runs/races of 8k or more, I'll take my Black Wolf fuel belt. The waterbottle sits at your back and there's a small zipped pocket for gels/keys too. The pocket isn't that easy to reach, but I've got used to it:
For races with aid/water stations, I recently got a Hydra Pouch. I find it very tricky drinking from the plastic cups while running and am now getting compettive enough (with my own times) to not want to walk while drinking:
It clips onto your belt or waist band, but you have to carry it when there's any water in it. Good idea though!
For longer runs, where one water bottle isn't enough, or long enough so the fuel belt will be bugging me, I have a small hydration pack. It holds about 1 litre of water/gatorade and I can refill it at water fountains:
And I recently got a 2 litre hydration pack for even longer runs (more than about 15k), or when I don't know if I'll be able to refill the pack on the run. I haven't tried this one out yet, but I'm looking forward to it :-)

Both hydration packs have chest straps and pockets at the back. The small one has an elastic chest strap (good idea!) and a purpose made iPod/phone pocket with a water resistant hole for headphones. The larger pack has a chest strap and belly/waist strap, but they aren't elasticated. It has two pockets, but nothing made for headphones. I'll do a write up after I get to use it for real though.

Hope that's enough. I have a knee niggle, the tendons behind my right knee are a bit tight today and yesterday, so I've taken a couple of days off. Hopefully I'll get a relaxed run in tomorrow!


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