Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three days to City2Surf...

Well today I was meant to be doing a relaxed 5k run, but moving into a new apartment took priority. Also I strained a muscle in my back lifting my new fridge, so probably best to rest it. I'll see a physio tomorrow about it and if I'm ok, I'll do tomorrow's run. That is scheduled to be approx. 5k, doing interval training, which I missed last week due to just being busy!
I'm looking forward to the City2Surf now. It's really getting close. Last year my cousin (Salena), was trying to get me to run it with her, but I wasn't even running then. So we ended up both running the SMH Half Marathon last May and she came in around 2:00 and I was in at 2:08. So it'll be good to race with her again.
I was just informed that there are over 80,000 registered to run the City2Surf this year, so once again it'll be the largest timed run in the world. Adding to that the fact that this year is it's 40th anniversary and it's something I really couldn't miss out on!
However, with that amount of runners/joggers I seriously doubt that I'll be able to get a good run out of it, so I'm looking at it as a fun training run. I have the Half Marathon coming up in Sydney and my next goal is one I was going to leave until next year as the Sydney marathon would be too close for me.
Then I was looking at the Auckland Marathon in New Zealand on October 31st. Initially when I was looking at the Auckland Marathon about four months ago I saw that it was filled up, but I couldn't find another marathon in this part of the world that would give me enough time to train and not be in the summer months. Then I discovered that as I'm not based in NZ, I can register as an "International Entry". They usually have about 1,500 places reserved for this type of entrant. So I sent off an email and when I got a reply the next day they were only too happy to get me signed up! So I have entered for the race and booked the flights. All that is left now is to get the training in :-)

First things first though, City2Surf is going to be a ball! Hope to see some of you there.


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