Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 6 training

Well after the City2Surf I went straight into Week 6 of my training program. It was trimmed back a bit after doing the race though. Monday was cross-training, and I managed to get a 3 day free pass to a very nice local gym, so I made good use of it!
Weekly cross training:
30 situps
30 press ups
Bike in gym for 30mins, incl intervals
3 x 30 Tricep extn with 10kg
3 x 30 Lat pulldown at level 75 (weight wasn't marked and I don't think 75 was lbs...)
3 x 10 barbell curls with 20kg
2 x 10 lunges with 20kg
3 x 10 squats with 20kg
3 x 10 tricep pull down with 25kg
Also some kettle bell exercises using a dumbbell

Tuesday I was to do an 8k run, and as it was raining most of the day I used the treadmill in the gym, although it took me a minute or so to get to grips with it. Did most of the 8k at 5:30 pace.

Wednesday (today) I went back to the gym and did:
Stretching (lots)
30 situps
30 pressups
8k on treadmill, first 2k at 6:00 pace, then went at 5:30 for 60sec, 5:00 for 60sec, 5:30 for 60sec, 6:00 for 60sec etc until I had about 2k left and did that at 6:00 pace.
Stretching (lots)
Then 2 x 10 tricep extn with 8kg each arm
2 x 10 kettle bell exercise (don't know the name) each side
2 x 10 lunges with 17.5kg.
Been feeling very unimpressed with myself these few days since the race on Sunday. Not sure why though. I'm meant to be doing interval training tomorrow and resting on Friday, but I may take a couple of days off and do a long run on Saturday instead. Really starting to feel that my half marathon and marathon will be slipping out of my reach if I don't keep up the training though...


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