Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 7 training update

So here we are at my week 7 training, still 10 weeks from my first marathon and 4 weeks from my second half marathon.
After buying my new Avia's on Sunday, I took them out for a relaxing 10k on Monday after work. I used the 2k walk home from the office as part of my warm up, got home, straight into my running gear and hit the streets!
I'm still not too familiar with the area, so I ran over to the freeway and along the bike/pedestrian path until I got to about 5k, turned around and headed home. I got to the 10k in about 61mins. The Avia's felt great, no problems at all!
On Tuesday I did a relaxing 6k run on the bike path in the opposite direction which took me through some wooded areas (must bring a head lamp next time!) and eventually back to the far side of my town. I got a bit lost during the run, but that was part of the enjoyment too.
Wednesday I did work on my core/abs and hip flexors. I was trying part of the P90x abs workout. I could do all of the exercises, some for 20 reps, some only 10, but I did some of each. I liked it and will try to include it each week.
Yesterday I did a run with a running club based in a local sports shop (where I bought the Avias). It was my first time running with them and I didn't know what to expect. As it turned out I was the only one who showed up, so Andy (who works there) went on the run with me. I said I didn't mind if we did 5k or 10k, so we just chatted and ran and ended up doing a little over 10k. It was a warm-ish night with a bit of a breeze and a great run. Also the first time I had ever run with someone else (apart from races of course). Today is Friday and I will most likely not run today, as I am planning a long run on Saturday and I have to work most of Sunday. Hoping to do about 20k on Saturday. If I get time and feel ok I may do about 5k on Sunday, but I'll see how I feel.

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