Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 8 training

Well, here we are in the middle of my 8th week of training for my second half and my first full marathon. After my long run on Saturday (20k plus a 3.8k cool down jog/walk), I took Sunday as a rest day. My legs were a bit heavy, so just as well.
On Monday, I couldn't find any more excuses, so I did my hill reps. Here's how it went:
10min warm up run, relaxed,
8 x 85m sprints, starting at 80% and getting faster with each sprint, finishing with 100% on last one.
SR of 2 mins,
Hill reps: 30sec run uphill, turn around and jog back down, do that 5 times, take a 1 min SR and then do another 5 hill reps.
Followed by a 10min cool down run.
I think my last 85m sprint was about 14 seconds, but that's not accurate.
On Tuesday I was due to do a 10k relaxed run, but I didn't fancy running on the bike path again, so I headed for Lane Cove National Park. The plan was to run along the sealed road in the park, but I ended up being drawn to the trail and ran along the rocks and trees and river. Unfortunately I had to do this after work, so by the time I got just over 2k in the light was fading. Not having my headlight, I turned around to make it just over 5.2k. It was an amazing run, and one I'll repeat when I get more daylight hours, probably at the weekend. Might bring a camera on that one too.
Today I'm hoping to get a speed session in, just have to figure out where!



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