Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 8 update...

So yesterday I did a speed session. It consisted of a 10min warmup run, then some sprint training:
8 x 100m starting at 80%, walk back to the start and repeat, getting faster with each sprint until the last is at 100%.
For most of the sprints I was getting 18 sec, but for the 6th I got 16 sec, which is my fastest yet! My last two were at 18 sec, as I think I was too tired to go any faster!
After that I did 12 x 30 sec at 80% and 30 sec JR. I was tired after the sprints, so these could have been faster. I'll have a longer break in between the sessions next time.
At the end I did a 10min warm down run. Total of just over 6km for the day.
Today (Thursday) I was going to do a 10k relaxed run, but even before the start both calf muscles were tight and I knew I would be hampering my Saturday long run if I pushed it. I also found a blister at the tip of a toe on my right foot. Not sure how long it's been there, but I'll probably burst it later. I was in two minds, but Barbara and Lisa on DailyMile appear to have swayed me :-)
I ended up doing a relaxed 5k run to give me 25k since Monday.

If toes/feet or blisters gross you out then don't look at the picture below!

It's not exactly life threatening, but it's enough to cause irritation during a run.
I may be tempted to video myself bursting it...but probably not, as I don't want my blog to get some sort of adult only rating, ha ha ha!!


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