Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 9 training and breaking out the HR monitor...

I was feeling pretty tired after all my activities on Saturday, so I ended up taking two days rest. Also I had some knee niggles and the start of a cold, too many reasons not to run.
So this morning I got a copy of "Heart Monitor Training for the Complete Idiot" in the post and I read a couple of chapters during my lunch break.
I use a Garmin FR305 on pretty much all my runs and I always take interest in what my max HR was during the run, but that's all. So I've decided to use the HR monitor to my advantage.
At the start of the book, it gets you to guesstimate what your max HR is based on a formula. I worked mine out to be 183 bpm. I'll do a test tomorrow to see what it actually is and use that number instead.
From the 183, we can get our Recovery Ceiling (70%) and Threshold Floor (85%). So, my Recovery Ceiling is approximately 143 bpm. This means that on my recovery runs, I need to keep my HR below 143 - not easy, as I found out!
I went out for a run and I changed the display on my Garmin so I could see the HR number easier. Within 2-3 minutes I had gone up to 144, so I had to slow down. Then I was jogging up a slight hill and my HR went up to 145 - argh! Time to slow down again. All in all my average pace for the 6.3k run was over 7min/k, which I found quite uncomfortable to keep. I kept on wanting to burst out and do a sub 5min/k pace. But, I decided that I would continue the experiment and my HR only hit 145 twice and stayed under 143-144 for the entire run.
Apparently, on the easy days (recovery runs), I'll be building up my aerobic fitness and burning fat, whereas on my hard days I'll be working on my anaerobic fitness and burning my glycogen. At least that's what the book says :-)

Time will tell....



  1. Interesting Eoin. A 7min/k pace would feel super hard to keep, almost like your not getting anywhere. But if the book says to do it this way then all you can do is give it a go. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  2. Yes, it is actually a bit boring so far! But apparently as I get aerobically fitter I will be able to run faster while still keeping my HR at the same level...time will tell indeed :-)