Saturday, September 25, 2010

Injury update and Sydney's Coastal Classic

Just to update you, I went to the physio on Friday after work and told her everything that had been going on. She asked a lot of questions and said that the muscle that runs along my shin is a bit inflamed, but it may be caused by a build up of lactic acid that my system hasn't got rid of properly. We when discussed my runners (as I have two pairs on the go). I said that after resting for a week, I did the HM last week with no shin pain (in my Avias) and then I did the 6.5k on Tuesday - no pain, and the 5k on Friday  - in the Mizunos but with pain.
Could it be that the Mizunos are the source of my shin pain? As I didn't have the runners with me she didn't want to say for definite, but I have another appointment with her on Tuesday and she asked me to bring both pairs along to compare them.
When I said that I was hoping to do a LR on Sunday (just two days after treatment) she said I should be fine, as long as I rest and ice and use my anti-inflammatory gel. Also, I'm going to use the Avias, just to test.

Sydney's Coastal Classic 29k Trail Run:
So I had originally tried to enter this race, but it was booked out way in advance, so I put my name down as a volunteer instead.(link to their site here)
The race didn't start until 08:00 this morning, but as we had to get the registration area and start area ready beforehand, we had to be onsite for a briefing at 06:30. This meant my alarm was set for 04:30...
I got to the registration and booked in and got my free tech t-shirt - yea! I was immediately shown how to register runners and hand out race packs (not very technical!). Pic below is the first runners arriving to register.

After a while I was drafted into assembling the starting area and after that was done I was moved onto driving out to the first aid station to get it setup.
We had local groups volunteering to man the aid stations, which was great. At the first one, it was on a beach, so we put out the tables filled 2 & 5 gallon water drums and mixed up Powerade. At each aid station we had the following: water, powerade, bananas, watermelon, museli bars, GU gels, jelly snakes and crisps. There was also a board showing how far the runners had gone, how far to the next aid station and how far to the finish. Medics were stationed with each aid station too.
When the first aid station was complete, we left the local volunteers there and went onto the second (of three). This one was situated in a park, so there was a bit more shelter. It was a very warm sunny day with highs of 23 degrees C. Once the aid station was setup, I started checking the trail markings approaching it and made some additions and adjustments to make it easier to find. I stayed on at this aid station to assist. This pic is of the second aid station awaiting the runners.
And this pic is of our aid station in full flow with the first of the runners...
It took about 3 hours from the first to the last runner to go through. We then had 3 "sweepers" running at the back helping tired or injured runners, picking up any litter and removing the trail markings we had put down.
There weren't many injuries, a few rolled ankles and blisters. We did have one guy drop out due to hip pain, but we weren't sure what heppened there, not caused by a fall anyway.
Next pic is of the finish line...
The first runner made the finish in 2:32, which is tremendous for a 29k trail run! Three hours later some runners were still coming in...
This pic is of a guy that ran the trail in "homemade" sandals! Very "Barefoot Ted" of him :-)
All in all it was a great day and the first of hopefully an annual race. All the runners really enjoyed it as did the volunteers!
Time for me to patch up a blister and prepare for my LR in the morning, I need sleep!!


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