Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So this week is pretty much a rest week/tapering. My left shin has been sore and after doing a bit of online research it sounds/feels like the start of shin splints. However, after lots of rest, ice and anti-inflammatory gel it has improved and isn't sore today. I'll keep working on it though.
With all the unused energy I have from not running, I decided it was time to get back to my upper body/core work. The last place I lived was walking distance from a RSL club that had it's own 25m pool and gym and it was only $6 per session for members, too easy.
Where I'm living now only has subscription gyms and they are too expensive, especially as I would be in them at most twice a week!
So tonight after work I went out and bought a pair of dumbbells (pic below). I didn't want big weights, just enough to tone me up. The weights have proved quite effective for the workouts I do at home. If I had a bench I would do more, but I'm not getting a weight bench...honestly!

The best thing - seeing as I work from home mostly - I can do a quick weight session during lunch :-)



  1. Did you get those from Rebel.I bought hubby a set just like those.

  2. Actually I got them through gumtree.com.au, only $40! Bit of a bargain hunter in me coming out :-)