Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for a second opinion...

I've been in recovery mode this week, so after the light 6.5k run on Tuesday I took two rest days. Today (Friday) I got up at 06:00 for a run. Initially it was going to be about 8k, but I was dragging my ass a bit too much before I left the house, so I only had time for 30mins, so it had to be a 5k.
I decided to try the Garmin Virtual Training Partner, that's built into the 305. I set the training for 5k for 30mins and set off. The VP was ahead of me at the start, but of course he was at run pace from the moment I started the timer, whereas I was warming up. After a couple of minutes I caught up and last I saw he was 3-4 mins behind :-)
Going out I felt fine, but after about 3k my left shin started to hurt again. It wasn't as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago, but not good. I slowed a little and finished the 5k in 27mins or so and walked home.
After I got to work I rang around and managed to make an appointment with a local physio for after work tonight. Having tried rest, ice etc and having the same issue return I think the best thing is to get the opinion of a Physio. I'm pretty sure I know she'll tell me to not run and rest etc, and will probably tell me to do the stretches I've already been doing (Google is my friend :-)), but no harm. I have a pretty good idea what the issue is, but no point in me treating something if I'm wrong. I don't want to do any long term damage too.
My worst fear is having to miss a few weeks training and not being able to go in for the Auckland marathon...

Time will tell...


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  1. ditto here w/ my ankle; physio today, symptom management and posture overhaul