Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 10 update and heavy legs

So onward and upward we go into Week 10 of training.
Monday was time for Hill Reps, so I did a 10min warm up run and an easy pace, then:
4 x 60sec sprint uphill, turn around and JR back down,
1 min SR and repeat as above.
2 x 80m sprint starting at 80%
4 x 100m sprint getting steadily faster aiming for 100% on last one.
10 min run to cool down.
I was aiming to really push myself on the hills and sprints, partly to help me strengthen my legs and partly to see what my max HR is while working out.
Looking back over my Garmin logs, I have sometimes been going up to 188bpm on sprints/hills. But today I never went over 170bpm. Hopefully that means I'm getting fitter and not getting lazy :-)
Daily total was 6k and a bit.
Tuesday I did a recovery jog and it felt fine. My Garmin battery died at about 1k, so I did the rest by how my breathing felt and never got out of breath. Another 6.1k or so.
Today, I had planned to do a 15k loop Tempo run from my house to Lane Cove NP and back by some hills. I brought my 1 litre hydration pack and (for the first time) my headlamp.
I felt fine and was looking forward to it, by 1k in my legs started feeling heavy, so I eased up on the 5:20/k pace. I've had this feeling before and it's gone away when my legs warmed up. By 3k I had to stop to stretch my quads/calves to ease them out - not a good sign. They didn't improve, so a few hundred metres later I turned back and ran at my recovery pace. I got to a really flat section by 7k and as I wasn't under much exertion my legs didn't feel too bad, but I kept the same pace. Ended up doing a little over 8k.
As much as I hate it, I need a day or two off. Tomorrow is a planned rest day anyway and I may take Friday off too. I'll be working most of Saturday, so I may just get back on Sunday for a 12-15k run then. Hopefully I'll squeeze in some swimming (possibly on Friday).
Not ideal, but if I had continued I would have ended up doing lasting damage and probably ended my thoughts of the HM in 11 days from now. All the work I need to do for the half is already done, the rest of the runs up to then will just be keeping the legs lubed.
This is not a step backwards, I'm moving forward, I keep moving forward


  1. Yep, sounds like you deserve a couple days off. Take it nice and easy and keep your legs safe.

  2. Yea Barbie, only realised when I looked at my logs that I'd been running six days straight with 50k including hills.
    Rest is called for!


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