Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 11 update

After the half on Sunday, I didn't do any exercise on Monday. So I did a recovery run of 6.5k on Tuesday. I took it easy and kept my HR down. Legs were a bit tight, but no more than I would expect.
Today I have come down with a cold that has been threatening me on and off for weeks, I wasn't planning on running again until Friday, so I'm hoping to have the cold gone by then.
I still managed a quick weights session at home after work:
30 situps
30 pressups
2 x 15 tricep extn - standing
2 x 15 tricep extn on floor
2 x 15 bent over dumbbell fly
2 x 15 dumbbell flys on back
2 x 15 dumbbell curl using all the weights I had...
I was just looking back over my running logs on DailyMile, and last month was my highest mileage to date, with 165km. Not sure if September will equal that, probably not due to tapering and recovering, but time will tell!


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