Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 9 update - cold again

Well, after I did my ultra-slow run on Tuesday, I was due to do a max out/balls to the wall run on Wednesday to see what my max HR was. Then I was due to do a club run tonight.
By the way I'm phrasing these thoughts you can probably guess that the plan isn't going well. I have had the sniffles for about two weeks, and they aren't going away. After my long run on Saturday - which I thoroughly enjoyed - I rested on Sunday and really felt like I needed more rest, so I took Monday off too.
So after the Tuesday run I just went downhill and my sniffles turned to a very runny nose and sneezes and being generally tired. So Wednesday/Thursday is a no go for running. Oddly enough, the weather has improved, and it's now 22-24 C, with today being the second official day of spring.
I'm still hoping to get my long run in at the weekend, but it's dependent on getting rid of the cold first. I have some family stuff to do on Saturday, so I could do my run early (08:00 or so), or leave it until later in the afternoon. If I am feeling ok to run on Friday (tomorrow) I'll do a 8-10k run then and then run on Sunday. I don't want to do a fast paced run while recovering from the cold, so I'll have to leave that until next week - but that's not a big deal.

The Sydney Half is two weeks away from this coming Sunday and I still feel like I need to put more work in. Also, I'm curious as to what my ideal starting pace is. I know I should save myself for the business end, but I want to give it my all and not feel like it was a walk in the park and that I could have done better.


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