Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week...whatever update

Ok, I have forgotten what week number this is, probably 11 or 12, but as I will explain later, it's not really that important now.
On Monday I did some weights, as it was a non-running day:
30 situps
30 pressups
2 x 15 tricep extn - standing
2 x 15 tricep extn on floor
2 x 15 bent over dumbbell fly
3 x 15 dumbbell flys on back
4 x 10 dumbbell curl using all the weights I had...

On Tuesday I went back to my Physio, Jackie, and she said that the swelling in the muscle along my left shin was a whole lot less but that the bottom of my hamstring was a bit tight, so we did a bit of work on that. I also brought in my Avia and Mizuno runners for her to examine. The wear on both are quite good (as in normal and not rolling) and both feet seem to be wearing equally. She did say that the Avia's are a bit more flexible around the midfoot, which should be better. No big difference otherwise.
After that I waited until the heat had died down a little (27 all day!) and went for a run. I forgot my HR monitor, but it gave me less reasons to check the Garmin. I got to about 2k and started getting pain in the same place again, so I backed off the pace but kept running. I decided to keep it short and did just 7.5k in about 44mins. I did find that running uphill was a lot less painful than on the flat, so from time to time I would run almost on my toes and it helped.
Today, Wednesday, is a non-running day, but I have a couple of meetings up to about 6:30pm, so I might go for a walk or maybe a swim if I can find the local pool and its times!
Oh yea, almost forgot...the reason I don't think numbering the week is important now is that I have officially pulled out of the Auckland Marathon. I have notified the event organizers, canceled my hotel and flights. Yes I would still like to do it, but with the shin pain I haven't been able to get my training in and long runs are out of the question. Also I'll be relocating with work possibly before the race, so better to back out now and get used to the idea than have to back out a week before!
My goal of completing a marathon still stands, I always said I wanted to do one before the end of 2011, so that isn't changing, just the location is. I'm not sure where or when I will do it, but it will be next year.
The only two events I have in my sights for the remainder of the year are the WWFOR in about a week and a half marathon in December. Looking forward to both!

Take it easy,


  1. good move, im learning this lesson step back two forward....super stressed at first about being injured, still am, but learning resting takes as much endurance, if not more, than training

  2. I really hope it all clears up for you. Nothing worse than having something get in the way of plans. Take lots of care.

  3. too bad you had to drop but its the right move. Get healthy and you will get that marathon in

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I do think it's the right move, but it was a tough decision as you can imagine!