Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre-WWFOR post and ...stuff

As you may have read previously, I have been getting a bit of pain in the leg muscle that runs along my left shin. I did a 5k run on Tuesday this week to see if the rest I had been giving it was doing any good. I was in less pain, but still had the same issue. It usually returns at the 1.5k mark into a run, and Tuesday's run was no different. I got a bit dejected but really wanted to get to the root cause.
The place where I got my last pair of runners (Avia) has a Podiatrist working for them, who is on hand every Saturday in the store, so I rang them and called over at lunchtime today.
I brought over my Avia and Mizuno runners. We had a chat and I told him the whole gory details. They have a short track and cameras, so I ran barefoot first and then in the Mizunos and then in the Avias. We had a look at the playback and at the wear pattern on my runners. I was amazed to see that I am slightly striking with my left heel! I didn't think I was doing that at all, and would have bet a few dollars on it too! They said it could have started when I increased my distances as footfall can change over time. So he said I should try other, more supportive, runners.
So, he got a few pairs out in my size that he reckoned would help. I tried Brooks, Asics and a pair of Newtons (they had little support in the heel and more in the mid-sole, making your feet strike more forward). I tried running in each while being filmed and then chatted about the way they made me run. The Newton's were a bit too much of a change for me, so we ruled them out but maybe I'll go back to them over time. It was down to the other two, and I went for...(drum roll please)....

The Asics Gel Kayano 16!

I was hoping to get a leg massage today too, to work out the muscle, but everywhere local was closed. I have the WWFOR tomorrow, so I'll try them out then. I was originally going to do 21k, but I now think that 5/10k will be plenty as I don't want to aggravate anything.
So then the staff at the running store said (without my asking) that they would take back my Avia runners and give me the whole price of them off the Asics, even though I had been wearing the Avias for two months! I was astounded, gobsmacked! Not only that...but they gave me a $25 gift card for my trouble, holy mother of crap, now that is GOOD service! When I left the store (after thanking them profusely!) I went for a coffee and sat down and the first thing I thought was that I will have to give them a good mention on my blog (they don't know I have a blog BTW). Their name is the FootPoint Shoe Clinic and all their staff were/are excellent! I have no other connection to them apart from being a very happy customer...
Also, the store has a Sports Biochemist that they recommended for a performance analysis. I have sent him an email and am really looking forward to see what he thinks of my running posture/efficency.

I'll update soon with info on how the new Asics are doing and how my leg is doing too!



  1. Good Luck with your new shoes. I've been running in the Gel Kayano 15 for the last 18 months or so and have been very pleased with them. Recently I bought a new pair of running shoes but didn't go for the kayano 16. After trying out a few diferrent shoes and discussing with the guy in the shop, I bought a pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence. Fancy name. Haven't run in them yet though, due to an injury, but hope they will be good.
    Hope you'll have a great get together for the WWFOR.

  2. What an awesome place Eoin. Will have to go pay them a visit. Hope your run goes well today.