Friday, October 1, 2010

This year's stats...

Being a geek and someone who did things like Applied mathematics in school, and went on to do Mechanical Engineering, I do enjoy looking at statistics. I think it's a great way to review what kind of progress you are making and areas where you may need to work on. So, here's my monthly totals for 2010 so far (bearing in mind I really only started running in Feb this year...):

Month Longest run



May 20.1
June 10.7
July 19.4
August 20.01
September 23

So, my running total (pun intended) is 658k. I think it's worthwhile including what my longest run for the month was too. In September it was a 23k run mostly on trails in National Parks in North Sydney. If you take all my running from the third quarter, you get an average of a little over 120k per month. If you then add that average per month to my total so far, then you have 1,020k total for the year - in my first year of running. Not too shabby. To further break that down, it's an average of around 30k per week from now until then end of the year, not much really. When you think that my current long runs are 20k or so it's easy to see that - barring too many issues - I'll make the 1,000k total for the year!
One thing that stands out in a big way is that my distance varies a LOT. I'm taking this under control now and will be trying to get a steady amount of distance in each week. Once I can (hopefully) hold onto that, then I will look to build it up.
Hope that wasn't too OTT to read :-)


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