Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Changes and adapting

Yes, I know I said I'd blog again before I left Oz, but time was not on my side, so I had to wait until now. I am back in Ireland and have been for six days I think. Since the move I have just about adjusted my body clock, but still have no clue as to what day it is! I'm starting back to work on Thursday which is in a couple of days, I think (!), so I'll be a bit more settled then.
It was belting rain on Friday and Sunday but was very clear and sunny on Saturday, and I had scheduled a run so it fitted in nicely. I ran down a narrow, but busy, road that has no paths or streetlights, and cars/trucks can do a fair pace there, so I'm going to try and buy a high viz jacket to wear for runs there. I did 9.8k and was taking it easy as I had developed a head cold. Going from 26 degrees to 8 will do that for you! I did a couple of short walk breaks too, but still my overall pace was just under 5:30k/min, so I was pretty happy with it.
Yesterday it was raining again and I did a different route. I ran from the house up to the local village and round by the back of the shops and back to a local roundabout and repeated. The loop was just over 3k so the total was about 7.6k all in. I didn't do any walking breaks as my head cold was a lot better, but had to stop twice for traffic. Mind you, I had a bit of a hangover as we had some friends over for halloween. Good to clear the system out though. The temps were in single digits and it was raining but I still managed an average pace of 5:15 k/min, which I was delighted with!
My next race is coming up in a couple of weeks and is a 10k. I've never done a proper 10k race...well I did one, but I was planning on the 5k and missed the turn point. I wasn't up to running 10k continuous then, so my time was a bit over 60mins. So on the upcoming race I'll pretty much be getting a PB.
The race is part of Movember, so it should also be good for a laugh!



  1. Can't wait to hear how it goes....and hope you catch a few good photos of it too:)

  2. You should do splendid on your 10k. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you Eoin.

  3. Sounds like the 10k is there for the killing. I'm running my first 10k this Sunday as well. Here's to 10k first-timers!

  4. Thanks guys, best of luck Snarky!