Monday, November 29, 2010

Distance goal achieved and cold weather

I've been trying to get my distance up this last week or two, but it's been pretty difficult due to family stuff, work and redecorating the house. Last Tuesday I made it over to the AC track, but it was really cold, probably close to zero C. About 10 of us showed up though, so it was a good training session. The Yasso 800s went well, as I posted before.
The next time I had a chance to run was Thursday, but that quickly got eaten up with other stuff going on, so I decided to get up early (05:45) on Friday for a gym session. I did my usual:
5-10mins on a gym bike (to warm the legs up),
30 situps,
30 pressups,
3 x 12 Leg curl 50kg
3 x 12 Leg extn 70kg
3 x 12 Leg press 150kg
3 x 12 Calf raises 110kg (in the leg press)
Then 8km on the dreadmill. I do 1k easy, then 1k fast, this session I brought up the pace on the easy session and managed to get the fast session up to 4:40min/k. I got home in time to have breakfast with the family before going to the office.
That night, we got a downfall of snow, about 3-4 inches in our area. At first I didn't think it would stick, but the temp hasn't been much above 2-3C since then, with night time temps around -3 to -6C.
I had an appointment for a routine eye test on Saturday so I got all layered up and walked up to the village in the snow and back. Total about 2.5k, but it took a bit longer than normal of course!
Then yesterday (Sunday), I was just itching to get a run in, so I gave my son's room one coat of paint and while it was drying I set out in the snow in my shorts (pic below)...
Sorry the pic is so dark, but if we had used the flash then it would have just reflected off my high viz vest. I did the loop of the local village, which is about 3k and I did 3 loops for a total of 10.6k - including the run to/from the house. It took just about 62mins. I was slipping on the snow & ice a lot, which was awkward, but I also had to contend with slush - not nice. So my runners & feet were getting wet as I ran. I found that at about 6k my hands were sweating as I was wearing my heavy thinsulate gloves. When I took them off my hands were ok, but my chest/torso got pretty cold within about 5 mins, so I put the gloves back on and my chest warmed up again. Something to remember anyway! I was hoping to get a bit further, as I have my half marathon in just 2 weeks, but lifting and pushing my legs in these conditions was very tiring and I think my lower legs were constantly tense as I was wary of slipping and falling.
Anyway, on this run I managed, at some point,to bring my logged distance on DailyMile over 1,000km since February, Woohoo! I had a goal of reaching it by my next birthday - mid December - but I'm ahead by nearly 3 weeks, so I'm really happy with that.

This morning I had a free followup session with a PT in the gym. I did my workout first (it was -5.5C when I left the house) but I took it easy on the dreadmill and just did 3k as my legs were still tired from yesterday. we talked about nutrition. He said that nutrition makes up 60% of your training program, so without proper fuel you can't do the best that you should be able to.
So last week I had to complete a diet diary for 2 days mid week and 1 day on the weekend. I won't go into specifics, but he said I am eating just enough to keep my body ticking over, so when I train or run I will get tired quicker than I should. So, in short, I need to eat "at least 2 more meals a day" and "take a supplement shake after every workout". I will start making these changes from today. It won't be easy as I tend to eat when I need to and if I miss a meal due to being busy then I'm not bothered. All this is about to change...

Keep running,

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