Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gearing up for winter

I've been doing a few runs since I got back to Ireland and now that DST has kicked in the evenings are darker and darker. I sometimes have to run on dark roads with no paths and no street lights. On the way back from the run I've been a bit close to some cars - even though I'm almost in the ditch. So at the weekend, I went out and got a high viz vest and tried it out for the first time yesterday (pic below).

That's me doing my "hurry up and take it before I collapse" look!

It worked a treat, cars gave me a nice wide berth and as an unrelated bonus I got a new PB for 10k - 51:09!
Only trouble with the new PB is that I now feel compelled to beat it in my 10k race on November 20th :-)
Before I got the PB yesterday I was going to aim for a 55min 10k in the race, but now it looks like I should go for 50mins. When I put my 5k PB into McMillan, it says I should be able to do a 48min 10k. Seems a bit fast, but I'm now doing running specific training in the gym as well as my running.

Here's hoping for a good race either way...



  1. Whoa, you are smokin fast Eoin. You will hit your 50 min mark no prob

  2. Thanks Barbie! I may be pushing one of the kids around in our buggy (hopefully the smaller of the two) so I may not be getting a PB :-)

  3. You will be under 50 in no time. Good luck with the upcoming race

  4. Thanks Chris, here's hoping. The only thing that will slow me down is frosty roads...which is possible!