Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mo Run and upcoming races

About two weeks ago, as I was chatting to a friend and catching up on the previous 18 months, we got chatting to someone else who mentioned that there was a local Athletics Club within walking distance of my house, pretty cool! So I got an email for them and a few mails went back and forth. They meet every Tuesday evening, and last week was my first time to meet up with them.
Apart from one of the coaches, Tom, I was one of only two guys, with about 10 girls there. It was cold, raining and pretty windy, with a storm coming in. I ran to the track from my house and did 3 laps warmup (about 1.2km). We did lunges, burpees, mini hurdles, sprints and some short (200-400m) runs to keep ourselves warm. At the end we did some more laps, with me doing 4 x 400m and then a run home.
I was hoping to get in a workout/run on Thursday morning, but I got food poisoning on Wednesday night. I'm pretty sure you don't want the details! I had a 10k race on Saturday, so running on Friday was a no go.
On Saturday morning, it was cold, overcast and there was some light rain. We were going to go as a family, but my wife and young daughter would have been too cold waiting around, so I brought my 4 year old son instead.
The run was part of Movember, hence my "Mo"!
My son ran the first 300m with me, during which time we got passed by everyone in the race. He then said he was tired, so I put him in the buggy and made sure he was secure and sped off along the path. We overtook quite a few people all of whom were very encouraging. Every time we came to a group blocking the path, my son would shout out "out of the way!", I didn't tell him to say that, honestly! The flat sections were great and I was able to keep a 4:50min/k pace on them, the downhills I took it easy, as I didn't want to lose control of the buggy. The uphills were a killer though! About 100m from the finish line, I got my son out and we crossed the line running together, a great moment! We both got our finisher's medals and went back to the car as he was feeling the cold. It was a great day with lots of runners in fancy dress.

Sunday was a rest day and Monday I took the day off work to decorate my daughter's room (princess pink!) so didn't get much time. Tuesday it was back to the AC track and I ran over, did 2 laps warmup first. Then we did lunges, strides, heels to butt walk, knees to chest walk and 4 x sprints for 50m. Then we were split into groups. Those doing the upcoming 5k, but had never done the distance were in one group doing slow laps. The rest of us were doing Yassos. Mine were 5 x 800s, but the pace was all made out in miles, which I have never worked in. We did a rough estimate that I would be doing them in 3:50 mins per 800m.
I set off on the first one at a great pace and did it in 3:30min - way too fast! The rest I did as follows:
4:06, 4:03, 3:59, 4:01. I didn't force the pace, but didn't take it easy either. I'll be building up to be able to do 10 x 800m at the set pace.
So my upcoming races are a Jingle Bells 5k which I'm bringing the family along to run in. Then the Waterford half marathon. The two are just one week apart, so that's why I won't be pushing myself for the 5k. I haven't done a lot of distance runs in the last month...or two, so I'll try some in the next couple of weeks and see how I feel.
Keep on running!


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