Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monthly totals update

My monthly totals were going great up to the end of September, with August at 165k and September just over 100k. October saw a dropping off to just 53k. Two big reasons were 1) my much-written-about shin injury/issue and 2) relocating from Australia to Ireland.
I'm planning on getting my totals back up at least over 80k per month for the rest of the year and the winter. I'll have to see how my winter motivation holds out. I do have regular access to a treadmill/dreadmill, but I'd rather not use it if I can avoid it. My long runs and races will all be road based for the foreseeable future, so it's the best place to train for me right now.
Hoping to get out tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday. LSR will be interesting, as my hydration pack is still en route from Oz!
One benefit of moving to a country where you already have a bunch of friends is having no trouble finding people willing to go running with. Hopefully all the best intentions will actually come to fruition and we'll get a lot of runs in with some good mates.
My best friend, who went to school with me and has kept in touch ever since, has been asking me to help him get fit. I have trained with him before, but he's never been running before. He lives about 40k north from me, which isn't a big distance, but we both have jobs and families with kids, so it will be a challenge!

So I'll keep it short and sweet and update again after a couple more planned runs.


  1. Fingers crossed you get to running with your BFF. I love training with my best friend, we spend more time laughing and ranting about silly things then actually building up a sweat.

  2. Yes, hope it works out. He's calling over at lunch today so I'm going to try and schedule a run with him on Sunday after my LSR :-)