Monday, November 8, 2010

New month, new location and new addition!

Hi again,
As I said in my last post, last month's totals were pretty low, only 53k for October! So I'm aiming to double that for this month and to log 1,000k in DailyMile by my birthday in mid-December.
As my regular readers know, I'm now based in Ireland. It's brought good times as I was separated from my family for a while due to work, and busy times too. My son (4) in particular hasn't left my side and wants to go everywhere with me, which is great as I've really missed him and my daughter, who is younger than him at 2 1/2.
The move has also brought some challenges for my running. In Sydney of late, I had been trying to get used to the heat and humidity. Even when it was raining it was pretty warm most of the time. Here in Ireland my runs are usually in single digit temps, with yesterday's run starting off at 4C and ending at 6C. I'm still working on the best layers and how to keep warm without sweating too much.
Also, I have a new addition to the blog, my very own podcast! I had been thinking about it for months and had thought that technology might hamper me, but I already had a headset with microphone. After a few trials I found some really good software to record with (Audacity) and I played around with it for a while before trying out Episode 1. Episode 2, or actually 2.4 is below.
I'm not too bothered if very few people listen to it as I see it as another way of recording my issues and achievements in running. Please feel free to send on constructive comments either on the blog, or at theirunner (at) gmail (dot) com. When I was about to relocate to Ireland I went looking for Irish Running podcasts in iTunes but didn't find any. So the title is based on the search criteria I used in iTunes! I may rename it, but am happy to stick with it for now.
P.S. I realize there are two major bloopers in this episode, these things happen and I will try not to let it happen again :-)

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