Monday, November 15, 2010

November half way mark

Here we are in mid-November, with the cool Autumn weather setting in here in Eastern Ireland. Every day now it's pretty much single digit temps (Celsius of course!) and it's down to 2-6 degrees a lot of the runs I'm on. I don't see it as a bad thing, that would be depressing, rather I see it as a challenge, something I have to take on and beat.
In Sydney last month, I was mostly running in a t-shirt or singlet. Here now in Ireland I have one singlet or t-shirt and a long sleeve top too. I'm only using technical tops, not cotton, that would leave me too cold once I started sweating. I'm also wearing a baseball cap on all runs and sometimes taking thinsulate gloves. One thing I'm taking on all outdoor runs these days is my high viz vest. We're living in a small village with busy roads and the paths don't go outside the village, nor do the street lights!
So since my last post, you know, the one where I got a 10k PB of 51:09 :-) , I have been doing my new regime in the local gym. This means that three times a week I do a 5-10min warm up on a gym bike, then:
30 situps,
30 pressups,
3 x 12 Leg curl 50kg
3 x 12 Leg extn 60kg
3 x 12 Leg press 150kg
3 x 12 Calf raises 90kg
Then I was told to do 8 miles of intervals: 1st mile easy, 2nd mile hard etc. As the gym bikes are in miles, I presumed that the dreadmills are too (presumption is the mother off all f***ups!). So when I popped my stats into DailyMile it looked like I was an ultra fast sprinter - but no. Much to my disappointment I have come crashing down to reality - the dreadmills are in KMs. So instead of me having something like a 3:30 min/k pace (!), I actually had a 5:30 overall pace. Doh!
But I have been enjoying the intervals and putting the pace up gradually on the faster sections. I also feel that my legs are getting a bit stronger, although if I run the following day I can't sustain a decent pace. That's to be expected though.
On the first set of dreadmill intervals I was 0.15km from finishing and my shoelace came undone which forced me to stop. I have just ordered two pairs of Yankz elastic laces, so I'll write a review once I have a bit of distance on them.
I also did a run just over 10k on Sunday, but it was the day after a gym session so as mentioned my legs were a bit heavy. I went out with a good 4:50min/k pace to warm up and settled down to a 5:10 - 5:20 pace after about 2-3k. For the second half I didn't have it in me to push the pace, so by the 8k mark I knew I would have to do a sub 5min/k pace to beat my PB, but there wasn't a chance. I ended up doing the run in about 53mins. Still very happy with it though. My Mo-Running 10k is next Saturday and I'm hoping to get an official PB in it, possibly sub 50min. McMillan says I can do it in 48mins based on my 5k PB, but we'll see what happens. I just hope the roads aren't too frosty! I'm planning on getting a gym session in tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday mornings and then taking Friday off.
On another note, I've found and made contact with a local Athletics Club and their training is on every Tuesday evening. I'm hoping to get along tomorrow evening but I will have done a gym session in the morning so won't be going that hard. It's running distance from the house too - about 2k - so I'll be able to get a warm up on the way there and a cool down on the way home.
I also mentioned at the start of the month that I wanted to push up my distance as October was a disappointing 53k total (see older post for details). In the first two weeks of November I've already done 72k. I'm also only 50k away from logging 1,000k on DailyMile! My aim was to reach it by my birthday in mid-December, it looks like that won't be a problem!

Keep running,



  1. are really putting in the quality miles...along with quantity!!!
    Good work:)))

  2. You have really settled into a good pattern back at home Eoin. Thats awesome.